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Artificial grass maintenance

One of the key selling points of an artificial turf installation is they are easy to maintain. Consequently, synthetic grass lawns are a great option for both homeowners and commercial business use. Artificial grass is certainly easier to maintain than natural grass. That’s not to say artificial turf does not need any maintenance at all. Although you won’t have to use fertiliser and run the lawnmower over astroturf installations, taking proper care of fake grass ensures you will optimise their lifespan.

Is artificial grass hard to maintain? Not particularly. For most people, maintaining your artificial lawn involves lightly hosing down the grass fibres to remove dust, dirt and pollen, and blowing off the leaves. You can use a leaf blower for the latter. In the absence of a leaf blower, clean away any debris with a wooden rake or soft-headed brush. Avoid rakes with metal prongs as they can scratch and damage the fibres. If you have pets, we also recommend clearing their business of your lawn to avoid a build-up of bad odours. Plastic bags and pooper scoopers are fine. Hosing the grass down a least twice a month is also advisable depending on how often your pet pees in the garden.

Do weeds grow through an artificial turf installation? One of the bugbears of any homeowner with a natural grass lawn is the amount of weeding it requires. Whilst artificial turf installations may not eliminate weeds entirely, they significantly reduce the number of weeds that sprout in your garden. Having said that, there is a caveat. To prevent weeds, or at least reduce them, the artificial turf installation must be laid correctly. This involves germinating the surface area you lay your astroturf over and installing a weed membrane. If you notice a sudden spurt of weeds creeping through the drainage holes of your artificial lawn, the chances are you need to replace your weed membrane. Weed barriers typically last a minimum of 5-6 years although top-quality membranes can last for up to 20 years.

How do you keep artificial turf from smelling? Artificial grass installations can gather odours over time. This is particularly the case if you have pets that leave their business in your garden. Pet urine trickles through the drainage holes of synthetic grass and coagulates in the area between the synthetic backing and the weed membrane. Needless to say, this will leave a foul smell lingering around your back garden if left to fester. To avoid this, we strongly recommend cleaning your artificial turf installation by hosing down the lawn and applying a deodorising solution. We recommend using a grass cleaner that is effective at neutralising the smell of pet urine. Look for products with an enzyme-based cleaner that has been formulated to take care of pet odours. You can also help to control nasty smells associated with pet urine by using a zeolite infill. Zeolite absorbs moisture and neutralises ammonia - the foul smell associated with stale urine. Zeolite is also a naturally occurring volcanic mineral - so it's safe for the environment, your family and your pets. We’ve covered an entire blog post on the magical nature of zeolite which you read here for more information. Is artificial grass easy to clean? In general, artificial grass is easy to clean, but it depends on what you need to clean off. Different solutions are required for different stains. We have covered how to remove stubborn stains from artificial grass in a previous article. A general cleaning procedure goes as follows:

  1. Clear the area of debris (leaves, twigs, toys, deck chairs etc.) If you have any weeds, remove them by hand.

  2. Rinse down the plastic fibres with a powerful hose to wash away dust, dirt and pollen

  3. Apply an artificial grass cleaner to help treat the fibres and keep them healthy. We recommend using biodegradable solutions that are environmentally friendly and prevent mould.

  4. Sweep the lawn with a soft-headed brush to help spread the solution across the synthetic fibres

  5. Lightly rinse the lawn with a hose to wash away excess solution

How do you take care of artificial grass installations? In addition to the general maintenance outlined above, taking steps to care for your astroturf installation will keep looking great and lasting longer for many years. With the right maintenance and care you should expect to get 10-20 years worth of use out a fake lawn - depending on the amount of hammer it takes for pets and children, of course. If you spill something on your artificial grass installation, cleaning it using the appropriate method we outlined in a previous article will help to protect the fibres from damage. Also, avoid flicking hot cigarette ash onto the fibres and don’t use a barbecue on the lawn. Hot coals will burn through the plastic fibres and cause burn damage. This type of damage will not be covered by your warranty. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can also damage fake grass just as easily as they will burn natural grass. Whilst we appreciate such instances are rare and unlikely, if you have inquisitive children armed with a magnifying glass, you might want to keep an eye on what they’re doing. Is there a spray for artificial grass? Whether you’re a pet owner or not, taking advantage of a deodorising spray will help stave off naturally occurring bacterias caused by various garden microbes. Artificial grass sprays are designed to remove bacteria and eliminate odours that can get trapped inside synthetic fibres whilst maintaining a safe environment for you and your family. They are also pet-friendly and environmentally friendly. There are plenty of suitable cleaning sprays for synthetic grass on the market. We don’t have any affiliations with any of them so won’t list any here, but our knowledgeable artificial turf installation experts can recommend the brands we use so feel free to get in touch with any questions you have. Installing High-Quality Commercial Fake Grass in Swindon, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire. Artificial grass installation is complicated. When done right, you are guaranteed a green space that is lush and aesthetically pleasing. When done wrong, your green space looks tacky. Unless you or your team have the know-how required to perform a commercial fake grass installation, it is advisable to recruit professional artificial grass installation experts.

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